Now that I passed the sixty meter line, i have the dream to compete at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

My name is Lisanne Schol, twenty-nine years old, born and raised in Purmerend. I’m a javelin thrower who currently holds the Dutch record of 60.92m. I’ve now lived in Amstelveen for two years. This is also the place where I train with my partner, training buddy and coach Erwin. A perfect combination for me! For Javelin specific trainings I go to Woerden to train with Keith Beard.

It has always been my dream to be the first Dutch female athlete to break the 60m line. After I broke that line in 2019, I started to believe I could qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The choices that I make are a bit different than most athletes. I’m working twenty hours per week as a movement therapist at Prinsenstichting in Purmerend. Since 2019 they support me by being more flexible so I can go on training camps or attend international competitions. That lifestyle of combining my job with my sports career suits me well. I love to work with people, to help them getting a better life.

 The energy and satisfaction I get from my job is all worth it.

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