Lifestyle World Club Terms and Conditions

You can become a member from the age of 16

Lifestyle World Club stands for sharing positive news from different worlds (Connecting different Worlds)

On the Lifestyle World Club and Lifestyle World TV site, members are not allowed to discriminate against other members and/or other participants based on origin, religion, or sexual preference.

In addition, spreading hatred, threatening others, threatening violence, or inciting to do so is not permitted. If this does happen, we will delete the account and the authorities will be notified.

Criminal and harmful activities such as the sale of medicines, drugs, and weapons are prohibited, as are sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and nudity of children. These images will be deleted, accounts will be deleted and the authorities will be notified as well.

It is also not permitted to distribute images or music that are protected by copyright and for which no permission has been granted by the rights holders. We will block this material. If there is a dispute, this material will remain blocked until the dispute is resolved.

If you want to cancel your membership or no longer want to receive a newsletter, you can send an email to We use a processing time of 1 month for this.

Lifestyle World Club membership is non-transferable.